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Hexagon Energy Materials plans ‘blue hydrogen’ project

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Hexagon Energy Materials is to begin preliminary feasibility studies to be completed this year for a proposed hydrogen production facility incorporating carbon capture and storage in Western Australia.

As the project is based on the use of natural gas feedstock the company describes it as ‘blue hydrogen’ to distinguish from the low to zero emission green hydrogen projects that produce the gas utilising electrolysis powered by renewables.

Hexagon is proposing the production of low-carbon ammonia as an appropriate energy carrier, aligning with customers’ needs for ammonia.

Hexagon has previously announced its preferred site for the facility in an existing Strategic Industrial Area in northern Western Australia, as well as identifying a number of potential suppliers of natural gas.

According to the company: “Hexagon’s plan is to use renewable energy in clean hydrogen production to the greatest extent possible in its projects, transitioning from blue to green hydrogen production on a commercial basis over time.”

Hexagon Chairman Charles Whitfield said the company had already addressed key questions about the availability of gas and CO2 sequestration capacity.

The Turbrigdi gas field has been identified as a potential site for CO2 sequestration.

Whitfield said: “The company will now move ahead with a preliminary feasibility study which is anticipated to be completed in Q2.

“In parallel with this. key commercial discussions with input from service providers, the WA government, potential off-takers and strategic partners will be progressed.”

However Hexagon also retracted a statement to the ASX ‘Hexagon completes WAH2 scoping study’ following intervention by the stock exchange.

Hexagon acknowledged that the company had not presented ‘any reasonable bases’ for predictions of production targets for the project in that statement.

Image: Hexagon Energy Materials

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