Human Aerospace begins space suit development

Space life sciences company Human Aerospace has announced the launch of a collaborative research programme to develop ‘Spacesuits for Preserving Human Health and Mobility”.

The two year project was successful in receiving grant funding from the Australian Space Agency’s International Space Investment: Expand Capability grant programme.

The company has previously developed a Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit which was successfully worn by astronauts on the International Space Station in 2015 and 2017 (pictured).

The suits are similar to those worn by athletes. and are designed to mimic the ‘normal gravitational loading experienced when we stand here on Earth’.

Athletic suits normally are focused on one area of the body.

Human Aerospace’s suits supply pressure all over the body, including the feet and ankles, and are fitted with straps that mimic the gravitational pull on Earth.

Leading the project is Dr James Waldie, an Adjunct Professor at RMIT, and the Co-founder of Cape Bionics and Human Aerospace.

He currently Chairs the Space Health and Life Sciences Working Group of Australian Academy of Sciences.

Picture: Human Aerospace

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