Hungry Jacks and CSIRO to produce plant-based burger

Hungry Jacks boss Jack Cowin is investing $1 million alongside partners to work with CSIRO to develop a plant-based version of his company’s famous whopper.

The story first broke in the AFR and was soon picked up in media here and overseas.

Cowin is partnering with the CSIRO innovation fund, Main Sequence Ventures (MSV), to develop a plant-based burger dubbed the ‘v2whopper’.

While Cowin’s private company is picking up his bill, the CSIRO’s expertise is in in food science and manufacturing.

Numerous sometimes contradictory facts have been reported, that it sill be based on legumes or soy bean and that it will ‘bleed’ like real meat.

It seems unlikely the burger will be lab-grown meat, which is so far proved expensive to produce.

The earth’s love affair with beef is unsustainable as rapidly growing populations outpace the ability to produce resource intensive beef.

Jack Cowin has a fortune of $2.8 billion according to the AFR.

Picture: Jack Cowin

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