Hydrogen electrolyser takes shape in the suburbs

A pioneering renewable hydrogen production facility in Adelaide has celebrated a construction milestone with installation underway for its key component, an electrolyser.

Situated at Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA), the Siemens 1.25 MW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyser is part of the Tonsley Innovation District, south of Adelaide.

Tonsley, the site of the former Chrysler and Mitsubishi vehicle assembly operations, has been reinvented as a mixed use residential, educational, industrial and technology precinct.

The electrolyser will utilise electricity from renewable sources to split water into oxygen and hydrogen gas, producing up to 480kg of hydrogen per day.

The renewable hydrogen will then be blended with natural gas for feeding into Australian Gas Network’s existing suburban natural gas networks.

Initially reticulated gas will be ten per cent hydrogen, but it is planned to increase hydrogen content, working towards trialling an all hydrogen gas network.

Picture: Siemens

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