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HyEnergy green hydrogen project takes shape

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The area earmarked for the HyEnergy green hydrogen development in Western Australia has been further defined, with the Western Australian Government providing additional licences for the project to support studies on land and water usage.

Province has struck an agreement with the government’s Department of Transport over 864 hectares of the seabed near Carnarvon to allow the company to do further detailed feasibility studies to support a port for the proposed project.

The HyEnergy project envisages an eight GW green hydrogen production facility powered by wind and solar near Carnarvon, with total green hydrogen production volume of an initial 200,000 tonnes per annum, rising to up to 300,000 tonnes.

Province said that the port for the project would be located about 20km north of Carnarvon, adjacent to an area known locally as the Town Common.

Province has already conducted a bathymetry survey over the proposed Carnarvon Port area to support the Pre-Feasibility Study into the HyEnergy Project.

The licence is for an initial two-year term and provides for ongoing technical and environmental marine studies and investigations to be completed.

The additional Section 91 licence issued by the Western Australian Government under the Land Administration Act covers two pastoral stations and allows for ongoing environmental, geotechnical and heritage surveys to be completed along with placement of wind and solar monitoring equipment. It has also been provided for an initial two-year term.

Province now holds Section 91 licences covering all or part of six pastoral stations and the Town Common making up an area of more than 600,000 hectares.

Province CEO and Managing Director David Frances said the company now had sufficient areas under licence to support an initial development based on the Town Common, and the ability to scale-up to a multi-gigawatt project which would incorporate the six pastoral leases.

Frances said: “Province has an enviable position in the region, which has been made possible by the very strong support we have received from the local community.

“We continue to engage with the Western Australian Government to obtain the appropriate secure tenure which will eventually be required over the project area.”

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