Imagine Intelligent Materials announces real time graphene sensing

Geelong’s Imagine Intelligent Materials has developed a system using graphene coatings and edge-based signal processing devices to collect data from objects with large surface areas.

Proven over areas as large as 4,000 square metres, the system gathers data such as pressure, moisture, stress and temperature and is aimed at industrial and consumer applications in the IoT market.

Imagine’s executive chairman, Chris Gilbey said: “Imagine leverages the amazing electrical conductivity of graphene made in our Geelong factory and signals processing algorithms developed in our Finnish operation.

“(It delivers) a low-cost sensing solution for an entire surface that will scale easily and efficiently.”

The new technology is a development of the company’s first product, imgneX3 graphene coating used to detect leakages across the geotextiles that line minesite tailings dams.

Imagine’s President Jaakko Kaidesoja said the company was developing applications that address needs in health care, buildings and automotive markets.

He said: “Aging demographics and increased residential care mean there is an urgent need to monitor movements; to reduce the frequency of falls, to reduce the likelihood of bedsores and do this inexpensively and reliably.

“We can deliver improved sensing in automotive applications too, and are working on an after-market product that monitors stress in concrete in high rise buildings.”

Graphene is a “super-material” offering extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity, hydrophobicity, strength, and impermeability to all gases.

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