Industry, unions welcome Future Made in Australia Act

Manufacturing leaders have welcomed the announcement by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese of a Future Made in Australia Act and greater focus from Canberra to supporting industry development.

The Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark Australia Belinda Driscoll, said the company’s sole manufacturing plant in regional South Australia which produces VIVA, Kleenex, and Scott products, contributes over half a billion dollars to GDP annually and supports over 2,600 jobs in Australia.

Driscoll said: “There is no doubt local manufacturing is an essential part of Australia’s economy and it’s crucial in this challenging market that the government looks to provide adequate support for local manufacturers to remain competitive and for local manufacturing to remain viable.

“With this in mind, we are delighted to hear of the Prime Minister’s plans. Decisions such as the ‘Future Made in Australia Act’ have a far-reaching impact – both directly for businesses and indirectly for the communities they operate in.

“We look forward to seeing how the Future Made in Australia Act develops in the months to come.”

A spokesperson for electronics and communications manufacturer GME said: “The Future Made in Australia Act marks a pivotal moment for Australian manufacturers, one that promises to enhance our nation’s economic security and sovereignty.

“The act will significantly increase growth and innovation for Australian manufacturers and incentivise companies across Australia to keep manufacturing local, a position we feel very strongly about at GME.

“Moreover, the Act’s focus on strategic investments and partnerships opens doors to new markets and opportunities for collaboration.

“By evolving our approach and embracing change, Australian manufacturers can unlock untapped potential and drive sustainable growth for Australian companies and the nation as a whole.

“We believe that the Future Made in Australia Act represents more than just a policy; it’s a way for transformation and progress.”

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) National Secretary Steve Murphy said the announcement was a victory for the AMWU as a voice for workers.

Murphy said: “This is the biggest policy shift we’ve seen in our lifetime. It follows the Albanese government’s commitment to our Support Aussie Made campaign, which we’ve run for the last three years,” Mr Murphy said.

“We have fought to decarbonise our economy in a way that ensures people in Australian regions who have powered our economy for generations can have more confidence in a secure future in new manufacturing industries.”

Murphy said that the announcement was an important economic and geopolitical step.

“This sets Australia on a competitive path with the USA, UK, European nations, Canada, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, which have all made significant public investments in the renewable manufacturing industries.

“A modern industrial policy can put people and communities affected by changing export demand for fossil fuels at the head of the pack for new jobs, projects and opportunities.”

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Picture: Belinda Driscoll

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