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Infinitus Aero reveals E22 Spark electric aircraft

Manufacturing News

Adelaide manufacturer Infinitus Aero has secured access to leading edge battery technology for its planned E22 Spark electric light sport aircraft (pictured) and plans to be ready for flight within 90 days.

Infinitus Aero, formerly known as Bader Aero, secured battery technology from US-based Amprius Technologies and has partnered with Australian based battery integrator Prohelion to configure the E22 Spark.

Amprius Technologies are a leader in battery technology who use an exclusive battery manufacturing process that improves life cycle and increases energy density..

This will enable Infinitus Aero’s E22 Spark to fly further, for longer, according to the company.

CEO Michael Monck said: “We have secured access to leading edge battery technology on the global market, which our Australian energy storage partner will help us integrate into the E22 Spark.

“For our customers, this translates to improved capability, enhanced ability to reduce carbon emissions and an overall improved experience for them in operating aircraft in their fleets.

“Our team are on track about taking to the skies in the coming months – with zero emissions, zero boundaries.”

Infinitus Aero are launching into the market with a two seat, battery operated sustainable aircraft for flight schools and recreational pilots, with a flight range of up to 90 minutes.

Infinitus Aero co-founder Barrie Rogers, current holder of several records for electric powered aircraft, said: “Electric flight has come a long way over the last decade and this latest development in technology will continue to see Infinitus Aero push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Picture: E22 Spark

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