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JAG Camper launches retro ‘Tear Drop’ camper

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A family engineering heritage and the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic has united father and son team Frank and Jack Gosdschan in a passion project that launched over the weekend at the Brisbane Let’s Go Camping Show.

Rather than a weighty camper that needs a huge twin cab truck to tow it, their unique Tear Drop camper can be towed by the average family car.

Beginning as a series of hand drawn plans by industrial designer Jack, the camper matured during a post-Covid camping tour along the east coast and debuted at the weekend show.

Sleeping two, the JAG-TD is 4.8 metres long, 2.2 wide and 2.05 metres high.

Said Jack: “JAG Camper started during Covid when my father and I found ourselves locked down and craving for a creative project.

“Uniting our love for the great outdoors and classic design, we decided to embark on a journey to create a Tear Drop camper out of our home backyard in Brisbane.”

Frank’s father was an engineer providing the father and son duo with the underpinnings to spend the time perfecting their project.

Frank said: “Although I ventured towards the corporate world with my career, I maintained a firm grip on the practical world as a manufacturer of blinds and shutters, car restoration and home building.”

While the Tear Drop’s shape catches attention, it is highly practical, with a fully equipped kitchen under the rear lid (pictured, below) featuring twin gas hobs, a 65L Kings adjustable fridge/freezer and a large stainless steel sink and tap with running water.

It was on the road that the Tear Drop prototype attracted attention from fellow campers according to Jack.

“Over the next couple years of travelling with the JAG Tear Drop, fellow campers enquiring to to purchase it became a common occurrence.

“On a trip to 1770 a bloke threatened to hunt us down if we didn’t produce more.”

So after a redesign that added advanced electronics and security systems, the final result is on sale now from $49,500.

Picture: Frank Gosdschan and his Tear Drop camper

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