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JAG says robotic welding investment will create 15 new jobs

Manufacturing News

JAG Welding has been awarded $794,146 in grant funding by the Queensland government, which the company says will help it invest in installing a new robotic welding arm and software.

According to a statement on Wednesday from state manufacturing minister Glenn Butcher, the project will create an estimated “15 new full-time jobs and up to 33 over the next five years” at the privately-owned structural steel and steel fabrication business.

Butcher said investment would reduce customer wait time by 33 per cent, as well as boost safety and profitability.

The funding for the Redland Bay company came through the Made in Queensland program.

“We know that jobs like welding can be hot, dirty and smelly and they don’t attract women in strong numbers,” said JAG’s Managing Director, David Shepherd, who added that the grant would grow their customer base and staff. 

“We’re hoping to change that by creating a more attractive working environment where the role is more appealing to women who may be looking for jobs in manufacturing.”

Picture: credit JAG Welding

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