Join us Tuesday for our webinar on technology, skills and workforce shortages

Tuesday is the day to tune in to @AuManufacturing and Epicor’s online webinar discussing automation, smart data and workforce shortages.

To start at 11am eastern time, the webinar is our response to the labour and skills shortages affecting every Australian manufacturer, big or small.

Our panel discussion moderated by editor Peter Roberts, will hear from industry experts and manufacturing CEOs of the ways they are tackling the workforce shortages they face.

Many are turning to technology in the form of automation, or digitising their businesses and utilising the latest ERP software to boost efficiencies and make better use of their people.

Others are tackling softer issues such as retaining and upskilling their existing staff and forging links with education providers be they high schools, VET colleges or universities to secure the best recruits.

Joining us for the discussion will be Greg O’Loan, the Regional Vice President of Epicor in Australia and New Zealand, Gavin Dunwoodie, Managing Director and Group CEO of Darra, Queensland manufacturer PFi, Richard Simpson, Managing Director at Furnace Engineering and Patrick Ferron, Financial Controller at Great Western Manufacturing.

Register your interest in attending – here.

This webinar is brought to you with the support of Epicor

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