K-TIG moves towards fabrication of nuclear waste vessels

Advanced welding technology company K-TIG is expanding its horizons in the nuclear waste disposal sector, moving to take over fabrication of the critical vessels in the United Kingdom and the EU.

K-TIG has signed a MoU with nuclear engineering firm Darchem Engineering to novate a contract for producing three cubic metre intermediate level waste (ILW) nuclear storage containers.

Novation would involve the extinguishment of the contract with Darchem with the intention that K-TIG seek partners or develops the fabrication facilities itself to produce the containers in return for paying Darchem a royalty for each container it produces.

K-TIG has a partnership with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) for the purpose of optimising the design and manufacturing process for ILW nuclear waste storage containers utilising K-TIG’s rapid welding technologies.

A key part of the partnership involves the development of QC and QA technologies utilising acoustic arc, ultrasonic and visual inspection to minimise welding defects and reduce rework.

K-TIG’s 100 percent repeatable processes helps to improve the safety, stability and quality of storage containers used in the decommissioning of UK’s nuclear facilities, according to K-TIG.

K-TIG told investors: “Successful novation of a contract from Darchem to K-TIG will provide K-TIG with direct access to a three cubic metre intermediate level waste containers contract, and, subject to the establishment of fabrication capability, the production scale to compile the necessary artificial intelligence (AI) database to support the development of QC/QA technology.”

K-TIG said it was in discussions with a number of UK based industry partners around either partnering of acquiring the required production capabilities.

Should this progress further, K-TIG could be involved in the supply of several hundred containers over a period of five or more years.

Picture: Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre/vessel welding

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