K-TIG passes first armoured steel test for Hanwha


Automated welding technology developer K-TIG has successfully completed the first round of weld testing under a Memorandum of Understanding to develop advanced keyhole welding procedures for Korea’s Hanwha Defense.

Weld procedures for joining Ultra Hard Hardness and Ultra High Toughness armoured steels have been developed with hardness and tensile strength results superior to traditional MIG welding techniques, according to K-TIG.

Hanwha will continue to work with K-TIG to examine the practical application of its technology to Hanwha’s production processes.

Hanwha Defense’s Redback advanced infantry fighting vehicle (IFV, pictured) is vying to be selected for an Australian army requirement for up to 450 vehicles in a range of variants under project Land 400 Phase 3.

It is also the sole tenderer for the Land 8116 program which is to deliver 30 Huntsman self-propelled guns and 15 ammunition resupply systems to the army .

K-TIG is developing rapid, automated welding systems for the armoured steels to be used on the Redback and Huntsman.

The company has now delivered weld samples of joint geometries and weld quality testing results for the Bisalloy Steels proposed for Hanwha’s armoured vehicle offerings.

Hanwha Defense Australia managing director Richard Cho said: “We are greatly encouraged by the results of independent testing of K-TIG’s welding.

“Hard and thick armoured steel can be difficult to weld effectively but these tests indicate that K-TIG’s process is both effective and faster than traditional welding.

“The potential for cost savings while increasing productivity and quality make K-TIG’s advanced welding technology an attractive proposition.”

K-TIG managing director Adrian Smith said the tests were an important milestone in the company’s ambition to introduce its technology into the global defence industry.

“The next milestone towards the industry acceptance of K-TIG into armoured steel welding is the welding and qualification of actual vehicle components.”

K-TIG said the test results were ‘extremely positive’ and produced hardness and tensile strengths results superior to traditional MIG welding practices, while maintaining toughness.

Picture: Hanhwa Redback infantry fighting vehicle

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