K-TIG to demonstrate high speed welding to US Navy

Welding technology developer K-TIG along with two shipbuilding partners is to demonstrate the suitability of K-TIG technology for the repair and sustainment of US Navy warships.

The company has been awarded a research project under the US Navy’s National Shipbuilding Research Program to demonstrate the suitability of its advanced form of Keyhole Tungsten Inert Gas (K-TIG) technology.

K-TIG is the lead in the project titled Breakthrough Welding Process for Pipe and Plate, and will be working with partners Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) and The Edison Welding Institute (EWI).

Additionally, NAVSEA and Naval Special Warfare Center, Carderock Division, will help evaluate the K-TIG methods to ensure they meet the NAVSEA TECH PUB 248 welding procedure qualification test requirements.

Managing Director of K-TIG Adrian Smith said in a statement that an aim of the project was to support the implementation of K-TIG’s technology at the participating shipyard.

Smith said: “Being awarded this NSRP project is an important milestone in K-TIG’s plans to penetrate the global naval shipbuilding market.

“The 3rd party certification of K-TIG’s welding technology in meeting the relevant naval welding code NAVSEA TECH PUB 248 removes an important technical barrier to the adoption of our technology.”

K-TIG technology, originally developed by CSIRO, is increasingly used in areas such as pipe welding and manufacture of waste vessels for the nuclear industry, as well as more recently for defence uses.

Australian K-TIG customer Halliday Engineering has recently utilised K-TIG’s advanced welding technology to successfully supply copper nickel pipework for a Royal Australian Navy Vessel, HMAS Choules.

Halliday Engineering and K-TIG plan to work together to expand copper nickel welding applications to address the current and future demands of the Royal Australian Navy’s sovereign capability and local content.

The term of the research project is 12 months and due to complete in January 2024.

Under the research project K-TIG will receive approximately US$70,000 by way of research funding, with K-TIG supplying welding services and process protocols.

Picture: Key Plant Automation

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