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K-TIG’s expansion brings record December quarter

Manufacturing News

Keyhole Tig welding developer K-Tig experienced a record quarter for business in December booking revenue of $409,000.

The company, which manufactures patented, high productivity welding equipment and offers welding as a service, built on its expansion into the United States and has now established an on-the-ground sales force.

The company made its first sales to the US nuclear decommissioning industry during the quarter, and its first sales to the defence sector.

K-TIG’s technology, able for perform a traditional six-hour Tig weld in three minutes, was also proved for welding high hardeness armoured steel, opening new markets among defence fabricators.

The armoured steel was provided by Australian manufacturer Bisalloy.

K-Tig finished the quarter with $6.8 million in cash at bank.

Picture: K-TIG

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