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Kadego-Cadgile to operate as Ekium

Manufacturing News

Adelaide-based engineering services firm Kadego-Cadgile has announced a global rebrand as Ekium, now operating under the brand of its parent company.

Cadgile and Kadego Engineering were acquired by Groupe-FIVA in November 2018 and July 2019, respectively. Kadego and Cadgile merged operations in 2020. Groupe FIVA’s subsidiaries were acquired by industrial and building engineering and automation company Ekium earlier this year.

Ekium itself is owned by France’s Groupe SNEF.

Kadego-Cadgile will now operate as Ekium, its parent company announced on Tuesday. 

Ekium will continue to provide engineering design, project management and prototyping services in Australia to industries including mining, defence, aerospace, and medical, it said.

“Whether [it’s] BHP, BAE Systems Australia, Minelab, Redarc or the range of family businesses, our valued customers will continue to benefit from our experienced and qualified engineers, who bring a diversity of skills and expertise to any challenge,” said Ekium Managing Director Gavan Doyle.

“Our business has continued to evolve in line with the emerging market needs. This includes offering virtual and augmented reality in the design of products, infrastructure, training, and marketing initiatives.

“This is powerful technology that offers a fully immersive and realistic 3D simulation, that combined with a high degree of interactivity, takes design review to a different level.”

Picture: credit Cadego/Facebook

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