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Keynote speaker announced for Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers awards event

Manufacturing News

@AuManufacturing is very happy to announce our keynote speaker for the Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers awards breakfast this week.

Our guest presenter on April 18 is Xavier Orr (pictured), CEO and co-founder of Advanced Navigation.

Orr’s breakthrough in neural network research at university has turned into a manufacturing business supplying digital fibre optic gyroscopes and other equipment for customers including Google, Airbus and Apple.

Last year, Advanced Navigation opened a new factory at UTS Tech Lab in Botany, with capacity to assemble $3 billion of high-tech products each year.

One of its products, the Hydrus autonomous underwater vehicle — named one of the The Best Inventions of 2022 by Time magazine) — was recently used to explore Indian Ocean’s Rottnest ship graveyard. The data was used to create a model of a coal hulk shipwreck dating back over a century for Curtin University and the University of WA.

The company’s navigation systems will also be used to assist future lunar missions.

This title is very happy to have a speaker who is both a thinker and a doer, and whose company is making a serious technical and commercial contribution.

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Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers is an annual campaign by @AuManufacturing. It has been made possible through the generous support of MYOBCSIRO, the NSW government’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility, and the Commonwealth Bank. Be sure to check back at this website for regular updates, including profiles of nominees and other information.


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