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Kleenex going green hydrogen at Millicent tissue mill

Manufacturing News

Technology development company entX will divest a 49 percent equity stake in its Limestone Coast Hydrogen Project (LCH2 Project, pictured below) which is aiming to produce green hydrogen for Australia’s major tissue manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Australia.

KCA produces the Kleenex and Viva brands at the factory, as well as professional bathroom products at its Millicent mill in south eastern South Australia.

DGA brings a wealth of experience via its global portfolio of renewable energy and green hydrogen projects, which will provide the capability and experience required to develop the project, according to a statement.

The project is planned in stages with Stage 1 producing 3.65 tonnes a day of green hydrogen to be blended at 20 percent by volume into the natural gas feed which is currently the primary fuel source to electrify and supply process heat into the plant.

Stage 2 will see the production increase to around 4.5 tonnes per day, with 100 percent of all heating gas fuel demand transitioning to green hydrogen from natural gas in 2029.

Green hydrogen production will also be available for the emerging hydrogen electric fuel cell heavy transport sector in the region.

entX took to social media and said: “This milestone marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards developing clean fuels for the Australian manufacturing and industrial sectors.

“By leveraging hydrogen technology, we are not only reducing the carbon footprint of our customers but paving the way for a more sustainable domestic manufacturing sector.”

The LCH2 Project is in the finalisation of its Feasibility Assessment and subject to approval. Conditional on a final investment decision, first hydrogen production is planned for 2027.

Pictures: entX/Kimberly-Clark Australia tissue production/LCH2 Project

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