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Lava Blue to move to small scale HPA production

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Battery minerals company Lava Blue is to expand its Predictive Research into Speciality Materials (PRiSM) centre which it is developing along with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

The centre is developing a process for production of high purity alumina (HPA) from sapphire bearing kaolin clay deposits in North West Queensland.

HPA is the essential material used in the manufacture of all light emitting diodes (LEDs) and is used in lithium-ion batteries to improve the performance and safety of cells.

Lava Blue’s process can manufacture HPA from a wide range of low-cost inputs, including mine waste sourced from Vecco Group and Queensland Pacific Metals from cobalt and nickel mining activities.

According to Lava Blue: “The multipurpose Demonstration Plant facility is perfecting HPA production and test methods, materials of construction and materials handling systems, integrating machine learning with QA/QC processes and market intelligence.”

In 2022 Lava Blue received a $5.2 million grant under the federal Government’s Critical Minerals Accelerator Initiative to develop processes for refining critical minerals used in the lithium-ion battery supply chain.

Planning is underway for the next stage of the HPA plant, to move from research and demonstration into small-scale commercial production, where Lava Blue aims to produce between 800 and 1,000 tonnes of HPA per annum.

Lava Blue Director Michael Ford said Queensland sat in the perfect spot to be able to maximise the value from the global energy transition

Ford said: “This is about great future jobs and prospects for our kids, fantastic opportunities for Queensland businesses, startups and researchers, and strong economic growth for the state, at the same time of doing the right thing globally.”

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