LG Chem joins Envirostream to recycle batteries

Leading Korean lithium-ion battery manufacturer LG Chem has joined with Victorian company Envirostream Australia to develop safe and innovative recycling solutions to reduce battery waste.

Describing Envirostream as “one of the pioneering recycle-luminaries”, LG Chem said in a statement the partnership would develop solutions to increase battery recycling rates, which “is an increasing threat to the Australian environment.”

In 2017 Envirostream’s $2 million facility at Campbellfield in Victoria became the first in Australia to recycle lithium batteries.

During 2018 the company, established by PF Metals, recycled 298,000 kilograms of batteries, recovering 95 per cent of the materials used to make them.

Jamie Allen, General Manager of LG Chem Australia said: “We are extremely proud to be able to carve a new path towards preserving our precious planet through this invaluable partnership with Envirostream.

“Starting with Australia, we hope this provides the opportunity to expand sustainable options for lithium-ion battery disposal.”

According to CSIRO only two per cent of Australia’s 3,300 tonnes of battery waste is recycled.

LG Chem said: “This initiative is the first step to allow LG Chem to be closer to achieving its environmental mission as well as bringing a truly circular economy to its Australian operations.”

Picture: Nissan Leaf battery pack

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