Li-S Energy to develop lithium sulfur battery cell

Battery technology company Li-S Energy has announced a partnership with the ARC Research Hub for Safe and Reliable Energy (SafeREnergy) on a solid-state lithium sulfur battery cell development project.

The project will combine Li-S Energy’s lithium sulfur and lithium metal technologies with solid-state solutions, with the potential to deliver higher performance and increased safety.

Solid-state batteries — which offer improved safety and performance — are seen as a promising solution for the electric vehicle industry, which requires longer-range, faster charging, longer-lasting, and safer batteries.

Despite the potential benefits, solid-state batteries have yet to enter mass manufacturing to enable broad market adoption due to challenges with capacity, heat, and stability.

The joint project, worth $1.23 million, aims to tackle these obstacles and bring solid-state technology closer to reality.

Li-S Energy will invest $450,000, with SafeREnergy and Deakin University contributing $360,000 and $417,617, respectively.

The three-year project will be led by Li-S Energy, and the resulting intellectual property will be solely owned by the company.

Li-S Energy CEO Dr Lee Finniear said the work was a key progression of the work being undertaken by the company’s research and development team.

Finniear said: “Our lithium sulfur and lithium metal cells have been scaled up progressively over the last 12 months.

“Now the opportunity to integrate solid state technologies has the potential to add significant additional performance and safety advantages to our future commercial cells.”

Finniear said the collaboration and significant contribution would enable the company’s battery technology to be more attractive in its future commercial deployment.”

Picture: Li-S Energy

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