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Li-S Energy to supply novel batteries for Janus Electric trucks

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Lithium sulphur battery developer Li-S Energy is to collaborate with Australian E-truck developer Janus Electric to provide its novel battery cells to power Janus’s vehicles.

The two companies have entered into a collaborative agreement to develop and supply lithium sulphur and/or lithium metal battery cells for use in Janus prime mover battery packs.

Janus has developed a proprietary system for converting diesel powered prime movers to electric power utilising software, multi-party battery ownership and a battery change and charge network (pictured, below).

Li-S Energy is aiming to be the world’s first to mass produce lithium-sulphur chemistry batteries (main picture) which have an energy density in the order of five times that of conventional lithium ion batteries.

Subject to further agreement and volume supply capability, Janus Electric intends to purchase 495,000 battery cells from LI-S Energy by the end of 2023.

Janus Electric battery packs currently use lithium ion battery cells and have an energy capacity of 600KWh.

According to Li-S: “The objectives of the collaboration are to increase vehicle range between battery exchanges and to reduce total weight of each battery pack.

“…Janus Electric intends to progressively phase out lithium ion cells and purchase Li-S Energy cells to meet its projected requirements.”

Janus Electric’s Lex Forsythe said it was excited to work to develop an Australian solution for its quick-change battery packs.

Forsythe said: “Using Australian technology in our products will further support Australian manufacturers and development of zero emission transport solutions.”

Pictures: Li-S Energy/Janus Electric

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