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Lynas prepares for Malaysia decision on radioactive ores

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Lynas Rare Earths is preparing for various outcomes of its long running battle to maintain its license to import Lanthanide concentrates from its Mt Weld mine in in Western Australia into Malaysia.

The ore which is destined for its Malaysian metals production plant, is radioactive and subject to a long running campaign by environmentalists and with the authorities including in court.

The company told investors it was preparing for its Malaysian operating license to be updated to continue allowing the importation, in the meantime performing maintenance works in Malaysia.

Should the license not be updated, the company will switch to exporting Mixed Rare Earth Carbonate from the partial processing plant it is constructing in Kalgoorlie.

“Lynas continues to manage operations to optimise outcomes within various scenarios.

“Key variables include include the operating license conditions in Malaysia and the start-up and commissioning process in Kalgoorlie.”

The dispute will next be heard in court in November.

Lynas said: “We are excited to have now commenced the kiln heating cycle at the new Kalgoorlie facility.

“This is the first step in production of production and will be followed by first production, and then ramp up over the next few months.”

Lynas produces Neodymium and Praseodymium (NdPr) used in magnets, Lanthanum (La), Cerium (Ce) and Mixed Heavy Rare Earths (SEG) – all critical minerals used in high tech products and electrification.

In the September quarter NdPr production was 1,526 tonnes and sales revenue was $128.1 million.

The company is expanding the output of its Mt Weld mine and of the Malaysian facility to a NdPr capacity of 10,500tpa.

Lynas is also constructing rare earths processing capacity in the United States.

Picture: Lynas rare Earths/Malaysia laboratory

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