Maggie Beer’s dairy business goes 100 per cent carbon neutral

Cattle have long been associated with a high carbon footprint thanks to their emissions of methane generated in the gut.

But Maggie Beer’s Paris Creek Farms, one of two dairy business owned by the group, has turned that on its head with news its products are now 100 per cent carbon neutral.

Paris Creek has long followed sustainable bio-dynamic organic farming practices at some of its milk suppliers in the Adelaide Hills, while helping farmers move towards carbon neutrality on others.

Now according to the Paris Creek website: “Paris Creek Farms milk is now produced from carbon neutral dairy farms.

“They have made a commitment to producing their products as sustainably as possible, and their dairy farmers abide by the principles of bio-dynamic farming, which is one of the most regenerative, sustainable farming methodologies around.”

Paris Creek invested in solar power for its dairy in 2014, and according to media reports has purchased carbon credits to offset all its carbon footprint.

“Most carbon offset investments are in renewable energy, energy efficiency or other clean, low-carbon technologies.”

Picture: Paris Creek Farms

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