Manufacturing is Essential

Australian Manufacturing Forum member viewpoint by Michael Sharpe, Director, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre

I strongly believe manufacturing is an essential service.

We now have over 1500 companies that have signed up to the Covid19 National Manufacturing Response.

That’s over 1500 Australian manufacturing companies putting their hand up to say “We’re ready, willing and able”.

We’re talking about manufacturers, researchers, skilled professionals and suppliers all across the nation that can assist with manufacturing face shields, hospital beds, portable buildings, sanitiser, ventilators and much, much more.

Yes it’s making toilet paper! But it’s also such things as ethanol and parts and service for equipment. Everything from printed circuit boards to food production.

We have enough food production in Australia to feed 75 million people. (There’s no shortage!)

We’re an innovative bunch too, with more patents filed each year than any other sector.

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Family business has a role to play too. Just two examples are Varley Group and AH Beard. These family companies have each been in business for over 100 years, through The Depression and World Wars, the booms and the busts. Yet these companies have proved resilient.

I know there is a bright future for manufacturing. It’s a privilege to talk with business owners all across the country. There is a diverse range of over 47,000 manufacturing companies in Australia which represents 10% of Australia’s workforce.

There will be much talk about the future of the Australian economy and how we rebound from the #Covid19 crisis.

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We’ve  already been able to connect companies to “reshore” and bring manufacturing back to Australia. AMGC Members like Seabin and Evolve Group.

From these difficult times, manufacturing will play a key role in how we move forward as a nation.

Manufacturing is essential to all of us.

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This article originally appeared at Michael Sharpe’s Linkedin page. It has been reproduced with permission.

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