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Wine industry still suffering from China tariffs

The Australian wine industry is still suffering from China’s punitive tariffs, with Wine Australia reporting a 92 per cent fall in exports to China in the year to September 30 to just $21 million. Exports in the corresponding period to China were $1.3 billion. Wine producers have been diversifying their markets, but this did not stop total exports to fall in the year by 11 per cent in value to $2.01 billion. Sales to the United States were up five percent to $412 million, and there was strong growth to Thailand and Malaysia. Sales to the United Kingdom fell 14 per cent to $395 million.

Japanese space probe to land at Woomera

A Japanese spacecraft will be allowed to land at Woomera, South Australia following a mission to one of the moons of Mars — Phobos. The craft will be launched in 2024, land on Phobos, retrieve samples of soil and return to Earth, where they will help to understand the origin of our solar system. It may also shed light on whether there was once life on Mars. The spacecraft known as MMX will land at the former rocket testing range in 2029. Woomera was also the site of the landing of the Japanese space probes Hayabusa and Hayabusa2 which brought asteroid samples back to Earth.

NSW to build new EV charging stations

More than 500 new fast and ultra-fast charging bays are set to be built across NSW to recharge electric vehicles (EVs) in just 15 minutes. Treasurer and Minister for Energy Matt Kean announced the NSW Government is investing $39.4 million in the first round of Fast Charging Grants to co-fund 86 new fast and ultra-fast EV charging stations, each with four to 15 bays. Kean said: “Each of these stations will contain a minimum of two ultra-fast EV charging bays of 350kW capacity, and two fast charging bays of 175kW, with some stations containing up to 15 bays.” The successful applicants from this round are Ampol, BP, Evie Networks, Tesla, the NRMA and Zeus Renewables. All stations will be built over the next 24 months with a mix of highway and inner-city sites.

The NSW Government has a target to add approximately 250 fast and ultra-fast charging stations in total across NSW, ensuring chargers are no more than 5km apart in metropolitan areas and no more than 100km apart on major roads and highways across NSW.

Oncosil receives R&D tax refund

It is R&D tax incentive season and the latest innovating company to announce it has benefitted from the scheme is medical device company OncoSil. The Sydney company announced it had received a $832,000 refund from the federal government. OncoSil is a targeted radioactive isotope (phosphorous-32) implanted directly into a patient’s pancreas to treat cancer tumors.

Seeley celebrates 50 years

Heating and cooling appliance manufacturer Seeley International has welcomed members of its international team to South Australia to celebrate the company’s 50 year anniversary. Staff from South Africa, Europe and America visited locations across Adelaide and attended a special 50 year dinner hosted by founder Frank Seeley and his wife Cathy (pictured) and their family. The picture comes from a dinner held at the Marina Pier in tourism hotspot Glenelg to celebrate the event.

SPC baked beans come out on top satisfying customers

It its first ever review of baked bean brands Canstar has awarded SPC Baked Beans the most satisfied customer 5 star rating. In a survey of 1,500 Australian consumers, SPC beans outranked five of the leading baked beans brands against key indicators of taste, texture and consistency, variety, packaging design, value for money, and overall satisfaction. SPC was picked by over 1,300 Australian consumers. The ‘most satisfied’ rating was voted on by over 1,500 consumers. SPC CEO Robert Giles said: “Our baked beans have been owned and made in Australia since 1918. This rating reflects SPC’s ongoing commitment to delivering high quality food and drink products that ensure taste, nutrition and value for money for our Australian customers.”

Picture: Seeley International/Frank and Cathy Seeley

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