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AM2D to launch at Monash this month

The ARC Research Hub for Advanced Manufacturing with 2D Materials (AM2D) will be officially launched at an in-person event on Monday, November 20. The launch will be officiated by a host of delegates including a local MP, the Australian Research Council, Monash University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise) Prof Doron Ben-Meir, Deputy Dean of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Prof Chris Davies, as well as researchers and business leaders from AM2D’s partners and networks. The Hub “aims to create new business opportunities and revenue streams in high-tech products (batteries, supercapacitors, advanced paints and coatings, sensors) by leveraging the unique properties of 2D materials”, it said, and is supported under ARC’s Industrial Transformation Research Program for five years. It is hosted by Monash University, and includes six Australian universities and seven industry partners.

Archer demonstrates multiplexing readout for its biochip

Fabless semiconductor business Archer Materials announced demonstration of multiplexing readout for its advanced biochip graphene field effect transistor (“gFET”) device on Thursday. In a statement to the ASX, Archer said it has “confirmed single-device multiplexing using four advanced gFETs as sensors, which were integrated into the Archer advanced Biochip platform”, which was announced in September this year. “This is significant as Archer intends to apply its multiplexing capability in the Biochip to test for multiple diseases on a single chip at once”, it added, and being able to readout the signal from the four gFET sensors at once on a single chip is “a significant advance over the earlier generation of the Biochip system (announced on 16 November 2022), which could only activate one-sensor-at-a-time.”

Circuitwise achieves AS9100D QMS certification

Contract electronics manufacturer Circuitwise has announced that it has achieved AS 9100D Quality Management System certification. “Developed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), AS 9100D establishes a robust framework for organizations to manage quality, risk prevention, and product safety in their manufacturing processes,” the company announced on its website. According to Circuitwise, it is “testament to its continual commitment to excellence in the aerospace manufacturing industry. This certification not only reaffirms its focus on providing top-quality products and services but also positions the company as a preferred partner for aerospace organizations worldwide.”

Grants awarded for agritech events

This week AgriFutures Australia announced that grants were awarded through the Agritech Events Sponsorship Program for events to be held in 2023-24. The program supports Australian agritech events that highlight agricultural innovation and trade opportunities. “These grants are a great opportunity for regional Australian communities and agritech developers to showcase their innovations and technology,” said Assistant Secretary at the federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Alison Curran. Events include the Digital Agrifood Summit, SparkLabs Cultiv8 2023 Clean Technology Showcase, Australian National Field Days, and the Gatton AgTech Showcase.

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme opens

The state government has launched Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme – CDS Vic, which it says will reduce the state’s litter by up to half while putting money back in the pockets of Victorians. The scheme allows people to return their eligible drink cans, bottles and cartons for a ten-cent refund at refund points across Victoria. According to a statement on Wednesday, the scheme will generate more than 600 jobs statewide while turning used containers into new, recycled products. Containers can be returned through reverse vending machines, depots, over-the-counter sites, and pop-up refund points. VicReturn is the Scheme Coordinator, while Zone Operators Return-It, TOMRA Cleanaway, and Visy will establish and oversee the refund points and refunds to customers, as well as ensuring proper recycling of the containers.

“In 2000, we became the first business to receive Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation, we’re incredibly proud of this accomplishment”, it announced on Linkedin this week. “The annual compliance audit ensures that every supply chain step aligns with ethical standards. From the beginning stages of design and pattern-making, we prioritise high ethical practices through manufacturing and value-adding services. This accreditation protects the rights of our local workers and outworkers, ensuring fair treatment and legal entitlements.”

WTF returns to Perth

The technology and innovation festival, West Tech Fest (WTF), will return to Perth from Monday December 4 to Friday December 8 for its 12th year. The WA government-supported event will bring together startup founders, business owners and prospective investors from across the country and beyond, “to inspire the next generation of startup superstars.” The five-day ‘Founder First’ festival will be held across Perth and Fremantle and will host headline speakers including SVB Capital co-founder Aaron Gershenberg, SafetyCulture founder Luke Anear, Co Ventures general partner Maxine Minter and Goterra founder Olympia Yarger. “West Tech Fest presents a unique opportunity to showcase Western Australian innovation and innovators as we look to further diversify our local economy,” said state innovation minister Stephen Dawson.

Nova Systems invests in AUV testing

Nova Systems has announced that it will collaborate with the Australian Maritime College on delivery of the world-first Advanced Test & Evaluation (T&E) Practitioner Course. In a statement from the company, it said the collaboration is specifically focussed on the next-generation T&E of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), a unit of the recently released course developed by  Nova Systems, which will begin being delivered in early 2024. A critical component of the course is the practical application of T&E with hands-on training in AUV test techniques to be delivered at the AMC’s underwater test facility (near Launceston, Tasmania) and will involve live test serials of military grade AUVs. Nova Systems T&E Capability Lead, Tim Grabert, said, “Working with experts in their field at AMC Search on test techniques for AUVs, which  are becoming increasingly relevant in a modern context, is a huge coup for us in equipping the future T&E workforce.”

AusBiotech announces board election result 

Life sciences industry body AusBiotech has announced its new board line-up, farewelling three notable directors — Serg Duchini, Geoffrey Kempler and Linda Peterson — as well as Board Observer Graham McLean. Dr Iris Depaz was welcomed as a new board member. AusBiotech’s Interim Chair, Dr James Campbell, said, “Her perspective, expertise and passion to support innovation and commercialisation across the pipeline aligns to AusBiotech’s vision and mission as we work to foster a growing, sustainable and profitable biotech industry in Australia.” The new board as of Thursday is: Dr James Campbell; Erica Kneipp, Deputy Chair; Dr Megan Baldwin, Risk and Audit Sub-Committee, Chair; Dr Dean Moss, Remuneration and Nomination Committee, Chair; Dr Iris Depaz; Dr Marthe D’Ombrain; and Lorraine Chiroiu, CEO & MD, AusBiotech.

Picture: credit Nova Systems


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