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E-aviation startup features at Falling Walls

Electric aviation business Kite Magnetics emerged as a standout in Berlin at Falling Walls Venture 2023 last week, the company has said, “demonstrating that our innovations could play a pivotal role in addressing the aviation industry’s environmental impact.” In a statement on Linkedin, founder and CEO Dr Richard Parsons shared that the company was among the top 25, selected from 190 nominees, and “introducing our Aeroperm technology to an audience of peers and potential investors.” Aeroperm is a nanomaterial invented at Monash University and which the company is using to boost the efficiency of electric motors. “This event, a convergence of visionary enterprises, has propelled past participants to over USD 3.5 billion in collective funding”, added Parsons.

Pivot Maritime simulators installed at SMT

The Tasmania’s seafood training sector has received a boost in the form of Pivot Maritime International’s simulators now in use by Seafood and Maritime Training in Hobart, the state government has announced. Skills minister Felix Ellis launched the new vessel training simulators on Friday, noting that Industry partners, with state government support, had invested $350,000 in the locally-made training tool. “Pivot’s Maritime simulators are being bought by navies and civil maritime operations around the globe which means that SMT is using some of the best available technology,” said Ellis. “SMT has done a great job committing its funds and bringing the funding partners together to secure these vessel simulators that will deliver more training in one of our most important industries – the seafood and maritime sector.”

ECS launches THC and CBD pastilles and vapes 

ECS Botanics Holdings has announced that it is launching a range of GMP-certified cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) pastilles and THC vapes. In a statement on Monday, the company said the white label range of pastilles is sugar-free, plant-based, and features a range of flavours and colours. It is also launching a white label THC distillate vape infused with additional terpenes. The Australian Made vape cartridges use oil concentrates derived from ECS’ pharmaceutical-grade extracts derived from the Company’s Australian-grown flower. Products are expected to be in the market before the end of this quarter. “Pastilles and vapes are relatively new delivery methods in the Australian market and will  provide local patients with advanced treatment options,” said ECS Managing Director, Nan-Maree Schoerie. “These innovative product ranges complement our existing B2B offering, leveraging our expertise to meet growing consumer  demand for premium medicinal cannabis solutions.”

Probiotic company lands China deal

Australian probiotic technology company Melbourne Brand Company and China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial Group Co (CRPCG) signed a strategic partnership agreement last week. According to a statement from the China International Import Expo, the two “will work closely to continuously bring together the latest innovations in Australian and European biotechnology to the China market”, and that “The first-generation VPROBIOTIC probiotic health products are introduced to China through China Resources Pharmaceuticals’ mature national channel network.” The global probiotics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1 per cent from 2022 to 2027, according to the statement, reaching $US 85.4 billion, with China’s probiotic market growing event more sharply, at 12.23 per cent. “In the probiotic industry as a leader in bacterial research, we offer the VPROBIOTIC range, which is of high quality and is formulated with clinically tested and patented strains and manufactured in a TGA facility in Australia” said Roneel Anand of Melbourne Brand.

Safe Work Australia launches new phase of Clean Air. Clear Lungs

Safe Work Australia announced on Monday that it has launched a new phase of its Clean Air. Clear Lungs. occupational lung diseases campaign to improve understanding of the hazards of silica dust and duties under work health and safety laws to manage the risks. “This includes how to identify hazards and eliminate or minimise the risk of exposure in the workplace,” the agency said in a statement. “Key WHS information will be available in English, Chinese, Arabic, Hazargi, Vietnamese and Korean.” Silica dust is produced when materials containing silica such as stone, bricks, concrete or tiles are cut, drilled, polished or ground, with exposure a risk to certain workers in construction, manufacturing, tunnelling, demolition, mining, quarrying and stonemasonry.

RV manufacturer launches new water heater

Australian company Aus J Hot Water Solutions has launched its new dual 12 volt /120 volt Duoetto Gen 3 RV and marine water heater. The company’s Jay King has engineered the 2.65 US gallon Duoetto Gen 3 for the North American and broader RV, caravan, camping, and marine, yacht, and powered boat markets, the company said on Monday, adding that the Gen 3 is approved to UL 174, with Intertek ETL product testing and certification. “We know that the clean functionality of electricity is appreciated, both by long-time recreational travellers concerned about their environmental footprint, and particularly by the new post-Covid generation of young family RV enthusiasts and single woman adventurers who took up adventure travel during international lockdowns and now form a new generation of RV and marine adventurers,” said King. “RV dealers in North America tell us there is a whole new and permanent generation of recreational adventurers that has grown up during the Covid years who are greatly attuned to the worldwide global move gaining momentum from fossil fuel to electric cars, trucks, 4WDs and less environmentally impactful travel.”

Picture: credit Pivot Maritime International

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