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Orthocell’s strong sales growth

Tissue regeneration technology developer Orthocell has announced sales growth across its product portfolio, with total revenue for FY24 of $6.72 million – up 30.40 percent from FY23. Record revenue of $1.84m was achieved for the June 24 Quarter, up 14.41 percent. With Striate+ currently sold in the US, Europe/UK, Australia and New Zealand, and Remplir in Australia and New Zealand, the Company is accelerating approvals to expand into new markets. Orthocell Managing Director Paul Anderson, said: “These results show the company is on track to being a key global player.”

Recce Pharmaceuticals raises $8m from investors

Anti-infective drug development company Recce Pharmaceuticals has received firm commitments to raise $8.0 million via an institutional placement. The placement was strongly supported by both new and existing institutional investors including leading positive impact fund, NorthStar Impact Fund, committing $2.0 million. Placement proceeds will be used to advance clinical trials for intravenous use of R327nand topical applications of R327G, Reece’s lead drug candidate in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections.

Scott Basham joins Blacktree as COO

Scott Basham, who announced his resignation as CEO of defence contractor HighCom in February, has joined military and commercial communication business Blacktree Technology as COO. In a statement this week on Linkedin, Basham said he was “very excited to be working with the Blacktree founders Joe Nevin and Joel Nevin and the entire team located across our facilities in Perth and Canberra.” Blacktree is an Australian-owned and operated company, founded in 2002, which manufactures specialist hardware and componentry in-house, and describing its itself as able to “design, engineer, procure, manufacture, install, commission and maintain a variety of communication systems for military and commercial use in urban, remote and harsh operating contexts.”

Memphasys announces permanent CEO

Reproductive technology company Memphasys has announced that Dr David Ali, who has been Acting CEO and Executive Director, has been appointed as permanent Chief Executive Officer, effective July 1. Ali has over 40 years of exceptional experience in medical management, business development, sales, and marketing within the pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic industries, focusing on human and animal reproduction, and joined the company in March last year. Memphasys Chairman Robert Cooke, said “His leadership has already made a significant impact, and we are confident that he will continue to drive the commercial success of our Felix System and spearhead new growth initiatives.” Ali will continue his role as an Executive Director.

Crosbe unveils low-carbon cementitious grouts

Building products business Crosbe has unveiled what it described as a “groundbreaking transition to low-carbon grouts”, following R&D at its Seven Hills headquarters in western Sydney. Its new InfraGrout 110 Low Carbon and InfraGrout 190 Low Carbon products make use of a new low-carbon technology (details of this were not shared in the release) and would be followed by others, Crosbe said on Wednesday. “For Crosbe, the most impactful way to reduce carbon emissions is to reduce our products’ ordinary Portland cement content by using supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and alternative cements,” said Founder and Managing Director Albert Haddad. Our new low-carbon technology is based on these principles. While the use of SCMs is not a new concept, there is typically a trade-off in the performance of the end products, particularly when replacing most of the cement content with SCMs.”

NSW Net Zero Commission launched

The NSW Government has launched its new Net Zero Commission. It said the commission will play a crucial role in monitoring, reviewing and reporting on progress towards emissions reduction targets under the Climate Change Act, including a 50 per cent reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. Its role will include monitoring whole-of-economy progress, providing independent, expert advice on opportunities for NSW to effectively address climate change, and educating and informing the NSW Government, businesses, organisations, and individuals on ways to promote action to address climate change. The Chair was announced as Dr Paul Grimes other commissioners including Maria Atkinson, Oliver Costello, Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte and Professor Frank Jotzo. The Commission will be directly accountable to NSW Parliament through the recently established Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Net Zero Future.

New automated mapping technique developed

Researchers at Queensland University of Technology have developed a new visual SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) technique. AnyFeature-VSLAM will be presented at the Robotics Science and Systems (RSS) 2024 conference in Delft, the Netherlands, next week by lead researcher Dr Alejandro Fontan Villacampa and Professor Michael Milford, Director of the QUT Centre for Robotics. Fontan said “Traditionally, SLAM systems rely on specific types of visual features ­­- distinctive patterns within images used to match and map the environment. Different features work better in different conditions, so switching between them is often necessary… [AnyFeature]  enables a user to seamlessly switch between different visual features without laborious manual intervention.” Fontan said the development was a promising step forward in visual SLAM technology. Milford added that RSS is one of the most prestigious events in the field, and that “The presentation of AnyFeature-VSLAM at RSS 2024 highlights the importance and impact of this research”. More information on the team’s work can be accessed here.

Picture: Dr Alejandro Fontan Villacampa and Professor Michael Milford (credit QUT)




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