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Manufacturing News

Magnis Energy Technologies furthers battery development

Magnis Energy Technologies has progressed its development of fast-charging electric vehicle batteries. The company and Charge CCCV have had initial successful results using commercial optimised 1.6 Ah cells, After 600 cycles the battery retained 93 per cent capacity with 30 minute charges and discharges. The company is now testing ultra-fast charging to deliver greater than 85 per cent charge in six minutes.

Nova Eye Medical to trial glaucoma treatment device

Ophthalmic treatment device manufacturer Nova Eye Medical has begun a clinical trial in eight surgery centres in the United States of its iTrack minimally invasive glaucoma surgery consumable device (pictured). The device, a canaloplasty microcatheter, will be tested on 160 patients with mild to moderate glaucoma and compared to existing treatments. Reduction in intraocular pressure and need for anti-glaucoma medications will be assessed.

Noxopharm receives $4.6 million R&D rebate

Pharmaceutical developer Noxopharm has received a $4.6 million R&D tax rebate from the federal government. The company received the rebate for its clinical trialling of its Veyonda treatment for late-stage cancers. The drug is also being assessed for its effectiveness as a treatment against septic shock.

Picture: Nova Eye Medical

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Manufacturing News

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