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Traffic Technologies wins $1.7 million export order

Roadway signage and traffic systems company Traffic Technologies has won contracts worth $1.7 million from Quick Turn Circuits to supply its systems to China, Singapore, Chile and Qatar. The company will supply more than 300 of its Urban traffic controllers which feature the intelligent, adaptive traffic control system SCATS originally developed for the Sydney road system. The technology will optimise traffic signal timings, predict traffic patterns and keep traffic moving to reduce congestion. Traffic CEO Con Liosatos said the contracts represented the re-opening of key markets despite ongoing international travel restrictions.

SA hydrogen power station would make profits – analysis

Energy research and consulting group Cornwall Insight Australia has concluded a $600 million hydrogen electrolyser and hydrogen power station proposed by the state Labor opposition would have made profits if operating today. A report by the group studied the economics of a proposed 50MWe electrolyser, a 3,600 tonne liquefied hydrogen storage and a 200MW CCGT power station. Cornwall based its analysis a 20 per cent utilisation and loan repayments, concluding it would have returned a profit of $2.3 million this summer. Cornwall found it could have made a profit of $47 million over 2020’s summer The analysis comes days after an energy deal between SA and the Commonwealth backed renewables, but also gas as a source of energy.

Redflex reports new business orders and return to robust procurement

Traffic signal and road management technology company Redflex has reported new orders received in the third quarter of $14.9 million, bringing new business for the year to $48.7 million. A $$4.8 million order from Highways England is for digital enforcement cameras, a Victorian government order of $3 million is to upgrade Geelong Road and Belgium’s speed program has placed $1.3 million in orders. Other orders come from British Columbia and Ontario, Canada. Redflex also saw $4 million in contract renewals in the quarter.

Picture: Traffic Technologies

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