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JWA Oilfield Supplies launches Flamingo concentrated solar

Composite products developer JWA Oilfield Supplies and its collaborative partners are preparing to transport the first of the company’s Flamingo concentrated solar water treatment units (pictured) to a customer site in South West Queensland. Designed to improve the rates of water recovery and re-use in mining, the water purification system uses large curved mirrors that track the sun to harness solar energy to extract moisture from mining sites and processing waste streams. The Flamingo delivers pure distilled water which can be used by local communities and dried slurry from which minerals could be extracted that would otherwise be classified as waste. Flamingo, to be installed for onsite trial with Bridgeport Energy in the Cooper Basin, was supported by METS Ignited, the mining industry growth centre.

Nova Eye Medical gains on glaucoma product offering

Medical device manufacturer Nova Eye Medical expects to earn revenues of more than $13.2 million in FY21 as sales of its glaucoma surgical device rose strongly in the United States market. Adjusted for appreciation of the Australian dollar, US sales are expected to rise by more than 23 per cent in the year. That segment of the business earned an unaudited operating profit of $100,000 compared to a loss of $4.1 million in the previous corresponding period. Nova director Tom Spurling said the improvement was ‘no small feat when you consider that we are still feeling the effects of a post-Covid world’. The company recorded an overall loss for the year of more than $3.4 million, including expenditure pursuing Food and Drug Administration approval for the company’s 2RT treatment for intermediate, age-related macular degeneration.

EMVision brain imaging device takes shape

Medical device manufacturer EMVision Medical Devices has announced the assembly of its first generation brain imaging device is on target with the first united to be completed in August. The company is commercialising an imaging technology that utilises microwaves to image the human brain, with the first commercial device targeted for use in ICUs, stroke and neurology wards, angiogram suites and emergency departments. EMVision’s commercial device is similar in size to a cart-sized ultrasound unit, with the company releasing CAD images for the first time (below). EMVision has also developed a range of consumables to be used with its device, including a coupling medium and disposable caps.

Pictures: Main/JWA Oilfield Supplies/and EMVision Medical devices

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