Melbourne company’s antiviral spray could offer protection against COVID-19

Australian medtech company Firebrick Pharma has said its disinfectant nasal spray, which is currently in clinical trials for treating respiratory viruses, could be a weapon against the COVID-19 coronavirus.


In an interview with The Australian Financial Review, founder Dr Peter Molloy said the nasal spray could be regulated as a disinfectant and not a drug, and could offer protection from the virus if used regularly.


“We can’t make recommendations on how it’s used,” said Molloy, adding that the spray didn’t have a long residual effect, but “could fill an important role” as personal protective equipment does.


The AFR cites a lab test on Nasodine showing it reduced detectable levels of the coronavirus by 99.7 per cent. The spray indiscriminately targets viruses, and could therefore be effective against a range of diseases, and is currently in phase three clinical trials.


Firebrick was founded in 2012 by Molloy and Stephen Goodall, and received series three funding last year. Molloy is recognised as the developer of Betadine throat gargle, and is a former CEO of Biota Holdings. 


Picture: Firebrick


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