Upcoming Melbourne titanium powder factory on track: Amaero

Metal additive manufacturing company Amaero International has given a short update saying it is on-schedule for production-readiness at its titanium alloy powder factory by the end of the year.

Amaero announced that it would build a strategic alloy atomisation plant in July last year, and would invest $8 million at its Melbourne site to be able to produce aerospace-grade powders.

On Tuesday it said the plant was nearing completion at its engineering partner and would be put through an operational hot test in coming weeks, followed by disassembly and shipping to Melbourne for re-installation.

“Once delivered and installed in Melbourne there will be Site Acceptance Test to ensure the site is ready for production,” the company said.

Arrival of the plant is expected in September, it would be fully operational in December, and ready to commence production by the end of that month.

In its announcement that it would build the plant last year, Amaero said it had signed an MoU with a global powder supplier and expected sales totalling $30 million annually. 

 “Producing…in Australia will provide a stable, secure and cost-effective supply, allowing defence and other sectors to advance their 3D manufacturing capabilities,” said CEO Barrie Finnin at the time.

Picture: Amaero International

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