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Micro-X finalises concept for self-serve airport passenger checkpoint

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Cold cathode X-ray manufacturer Micro-X is another step closer to bringing its Passenger Self-Screen Checkpoints to North American airports, with its concept design approved by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The company has been working with partners including self-service technology company Elenium and Monash University to create a new way of checking in to air travel that will be faster and easier, using its unique carbon fibre nanotube X-ray emitter.

The layout of the checkpoint station and passenger workflow incorporates extensive research and passenger interviews by Monash.

It has a small footprint, provides simple and consolidated screening of passengers and bags and accommodates passengers with special needs.

This is designed around Micro-X’s miniaturised baggage computed tomography (CT) in combination with a unique millimeter wave on-person screening technology.

Now its US arm has passed the key Initial System Concept milestone as part of its development funded by DHS’s Science and Technology Directorate Screening at Speed Program.

This officially completes the first phase of the passenger checkpoint design, with DHS now invoiced $600,000.

In the next phase valued at $700,000 Micro-X will model the proposed system concept using mock-ups to refine the workflow through the system and meet the needs of a range of passengers.

Micro-X’s Dr Brian Gonzales said the presentation was an exciting milestone for the company and the culmination of significant research.

Dr Gonzales said: “Our concept shows that a combination of our unique miniaturised X-ray technology with the many advances in passenger automation and screening could dramatically improve passenger experience and increase passenger throughput, all while sustaining and even improving the level of security at the airport checkpoint.”

Image: Micro-X

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