Micro-X gets FDA approval to market military X-Ray machine

Nanotube emitter X-Ray company Micro-X has received US Food and Drug Administration approval for its Rover lightweight X-Ray equipment (pictured) which is being marketed in the United States for use in field medical hospitals.

Originally developed under contract to Australia’s defence department, the Rover is a ruggedised, military version of its Nano machine which generates X-Rays using a unique carbon fibre nanotube emitter.

The resulting lightweight, low power consumption machine is considered ideal for remote locations and use in deployed military and humanitarian medical facilities.

At only 95kgs in weight, the Rover offers a full performance, digital imager only previously available in traditional equipment five times its weight.

Micro-X said in a statement it has been in active discussion with the US Army Material Agency which has been identified as the world’s largest potential customer for the Rover.

FDA approval now allows sales in the US.

The Adelaide manufacturer has chosen a direct marketing route which will allow greater control of sales and higher margins than would be possible using a distributor.

Initial market focus will be the US, Australia the United Kingdom and other Nato countries.

Micro-X is now pursuing the European CE Mark and TGA registration in Australia.

Picture: Micro-X

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