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Micro-X signs two US Department of Homeland Security contracts

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Cold cathode X-ray machine manufacturer Micro-X has signed two technology contracts with the US Department of Homeland Security to develop its small, lightweight, low power consumption X-ray emitter for passenger screening at airports.

The two contracts, worth a total of $5.5 million (US$4 million), will see the company design and manufacture a prototype miniature CT X-ray baggage scanner (pictured) and design a complete Airport Passenger Self-Screening Portal to be utilised by the department in the US market.

Image construction and automated threat detection software will be developed by the company at its new Software Centre of Excellence in Seattle, Washington.

The scanner was developed to concept stage under a contract with the UK Department for Transport’s Future Airport Security Solutions Program, and later selected by Homeland Security as part of the self-screening portal.

The contracts are a major breakthrough for Micro-X which utilises its unique carbon nanotube X-ray emitter to manufacture its Rover portable X-ray scanners for medical, military and veterinary use.

The company will co-invest in the projects to develop its technology for broader use in government and commercial buildings, public transport systems and events.

The two contracts follow the signing last week by Micro-X of last week of an $8 million contract with the Australian Stroke Alliance to develop a lightweight CT scanner for pre-hospital stroke diagnosis in air and land ambulances.

Picture: Micro-X

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