Micro-X’s X-Ray machines to detect Coronavirus

Lightweight portable X-Ray manufacturer Micro-X has received orders for its machines from Asian nations who will use them to detect advanced cases of the coronavirus.

The Adelaide company manufactures a unique carbon nanotube X-Ray emitter and portable X-Ray machine, making it ideal for deployment in makeshift field hospitals such as those which have been constructed in China.

The company’s distributor Carestream has received purchase orders for machines known as Nanos valued at $780,000 for delivery to two Asian nations.

Micro-X said in a statement: “These contracts require urgent delivery and Micro-X’s production has moved to a full capacity rate to fulfil all these orders within the next four weeks.

“Once end-of-line testing is complete and units are packaged for shipment, each Nano cart will be air freighted.”

Micro-X is also working with its supply chain to maximise its ability to respond to future orders.

X-Ray diagnosis is used to detect fluid in the lungs and assess the severity of the illness, especially progression to a serious illness category of patient.

Micro-X’s electronic control system for its nano emitter allows the production of machines that are smaller, weigh less and have a lower power consumption.

The company is working with the military in Australia and the US to develop ruggedised versions for use in army field hospitals.

Picture: The Lead, SA

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