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MSQ appoints new board members

Manufacturing News

Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) has announced the appointment of two new board directors, as well as the appointment of Paul Cooper – who is also currently Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, and owner/Executive Chair of weighing solutions manufacturer Rinstrum – as its new Chair.  

MSQ is an independent, not-for-profit company allocated $16.5 million over three years in state government funding, and held its first meeting in late-2022.

Cooper has more than 25 years’ experience in board positions across government, manufacturing, education, professional associations, health and accounting, His previous roles include as Chair of the Queensland Department of Health Audit & Risk Committee and Deputy Chair of the Export Council of Australia. 

“Manufacturing has a long legacy in our state and is critical to our economy – and developing a highly skilled workforce is vital for future growth,” he said in a statement on Monday.  

“With a deep understanding of governance and strategy, I look forward to guiding MSQ’s vision to build a  sustainably skilled workforce.” 

Joining the MSQ board are two new Directors: Stacey Schinnerl of the Australian Workers’ Union and Sheree Taylor of BlueScope Steel. 

Rebecca Andrews, CEO of MSQ, said, “The appointment of Paul, Stacey and Sheree will bring additional expertise to the board in the areas of manufacturing, skills development, and governance.  

“This diverse and experienced board will continue to bring strong strategic leadership and governance to  MSQ, providing clear guidance to not only ensure the future success of the organisation but also the future  success of the industry. 

“I also want to thank our former Chair of the Board Michael Glover and previous board members Jim Wilson  and Des Watkins for their contributions to MSQ.”

The board now comprises

  • Paul Cooper, MSQ Board Chair and Chair at Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre;
  • Stacey Schinnerl – SkillsEQuipped Director, and the Australian Workers’ Union Queensland Branch  Secretary;
  • Sheree Taylor – Bluescope Steel Queensland Specification Manager, Commercial and Civil  Construction;
  • Natalene Carter – Director of RID Australia and the Senior Executive Operations Manager of Dy Mark (Employer Representative);
  • Ann-Marie Allan – Executive Officer for the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (Employee  Representative);
  • Steve Koch – Deputy Director-General, Department of Employment, Small Business and Training; and 
  • Bernadette Zerba – Deputy Director General, Department of Regional Development,  Manufacturing and Water.

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