Myriota demonstrates IoT for the battlefield

Internet of things (IoT) nanosatellite company, Myriota has demonstrated its low cost connectivity at an international military science event.

The Adelaide company took part in the Contested Urban Environment 2018 (CUE18) challenge in Montreal along with the Australian government’s Defence Science and Technology (DST) group.

The event, involving 250 scientists from Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US, tested emerging technologies including Myriota’s Internet of Military Things (IoMT) applications.

Two prototype battlefield terminals that communicate directly with low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites were deployed during the CUE18 event.

An additional three terminals using existing terrestrial infrastructure were also tested.

The terminals were tested in a simulated chemical attack, where they sent an alert that was shared across military command in the tactical operations centre.

The company said in a statement: “Low in cost, and with the ability to be rolled out and collect relevant information from across the battlefield, the application of Myriota’s devices and network was a success.

“Participants also recognised the potential benefit of quickly populating a large area with a network of smart sensors to increase freedom of manoeuvre.”

Defence Science and Technology is now looking to further develop Myriota’s IoMT terminals for the specific needs of the Australian Army.

Picture: Myriota/Space X rocket

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