Myriota IoT monitoring project wins environment award

An Internet-of-Things (IoT) and low-cost satellite telecommunications system developed by Adelaide’s Myriota has won the Environment and Sustainability award from the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.

The company and its partners NGIS, FrontierSI and the South Australian Department for Environment and Water, developed the system that improves groundwater bore monitoring and management, dramatically increasing understanding of this vital resource.

The project was partly funded by the SmartSatCRC tackled the fact that currently, only six percent of DEW’s 3,500 bores are instrumented, meaning bore observation information is collected only a few times a year.

It developed a system that demonstrates the use of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and low-cost satellite telecommunications as an end-to-end means to transmit and aggregate automatically collected information from groundwater bores.

These bores – often located in remote and harsh environments – are fitted with sensors to measure water levels and other water parameters.

The project tested the technical feasibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of deploying an end-to-end IoT satellite communications solution in typical operational environments.

This included evaluating, procuring, integrating and deploying both sensors and telemetry transmission devices in experimental sites in the field, operating these for a period of around a year.

According to Myriota: “Australia has the opportunity to establish itself as a world leader in technology development and application for improved groundwater monitoring systems.

“Satellite communications and IoT approaches are capable of providing increased volume and variety of data collection more frequently and with greater spatial density.

“Through shortened collection periods and at a lower cost than equivalent current approaches, this project has validated the effectiveness of groundwater monitoring in remote regions – an application which can be replicated globally.”

Picture: Myriota/groundwater monitoring in South Australia

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