Naval Group set to buy equipment for sub construction

Naval Group Australia has begun planning to procure equipment for its Adelaide operation which will construct 12 Attack class submarines for the Royal Australian Navy..

The company has issued a call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) from Australian firms.

Naval Group is working with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to find those with the capability to design, manufacture and supply the required equipment.

It says it has ‘the objective of maximising the Australian industry participation.’

Naval Group’s wish list includes:

-Automatic Welding Machine for Junctions (AWMJ)

-Rollers for Cans (RFC)

-Flat working surface plate for rectification (WSP)

-Automated storage system for drum reels and cutting machine (ASSDR)

-Automated storage system for long items (ASSLI)

-Digitally controlled bending machine for large diameters (BMLD)

-Retrieval machine for tubes (RMT)

-Universal milling machine (UMM)

-Boring machine (BOM)

-Digitally-controlled bending press (BPP)

-Forming press (FP)

-Water jet cutting bench (WJCB)

-Digitally controlled bending machine for medium diameters (BMMD)

-Automated storage system for pallets (ASSP)

-Cans tilting pivot (CTP)

-Piping hydraulic test installation (PHTI)

-Pipe degreasing plant (PDP)

-Digitally controlled bending machine for small diameters (BMSD)

-Guillotine shearing machine (GSM)

Initially the company is releasing a broad description of the functionality that is required. Once potential companies are identified, there will be a process to short-list those that are able to participate in a formal tender.

Companies may register their interest in participating here.

Picture: Naval Group

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