Ned’s Head proves there is something new in faceshields

Just when you thought you were being swamped with near-identical face shields to battle Covid-19 transmission, along comes an Australian SME that proves you wrong.

Adelaide’s Ned’s Head makes a range of Personal Protective Face Shields designed to add a layer of protection from sneeze, cough or other airborne particles.

All allow for good vision while being comfortable to wear.

But as the company explains: “Three weeks ago we were approached by members of the beautician industry to design and supply them with purpose built faceshields.

“Today we are in a position to deliver them this critical PPE so they can return to work with confidence and provide protection to their staff and customers.”

Rather than being mounted on the forehead, the shields are mounted on the chest, protecting beauticians who normally stand above their clients, while protecting clients as well.

“If you are in an industry where you are in close contact and physically stand higher or work over your client or patient you can contact the company here.”

Like most, the shield helps hygiene habits by reminding the wearer that they cannot touch their face, and not to eat or drink while wearing the shield.

The Ned’s Head shield has been designed for single shift work use and the visor has an anti fog coating.

Picture: Ned’s Head

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