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Neumann Space propulsion to be used on Spire satellite

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Neumann Space today announced that they have signed an MOU with Spire to form a teaming relationship to collaborate on the integration of a Neumann Space propulsion system on-board one of the proven Spire satellite platforms for an In-Orbit Demonstration mission!

This project will be supported by funding from the Australian Government.

The agreement was signed by Herve Astier, CEO for Neumann Space and Jonathon Brain, APAC Regional Business Development Director for Space Services at Spire, was witnessed by Dr Paul Bate, CEO of the UK Space Agency and Enrico Palermo Head of the Australian Space Agency (pictured).

Neumann Space has notched up an impressive record and has a number of in orbit deployments of its Neumann Drive contracted, including one with SmallSat pioneer Surrey Satellite Technology.

Neumann is a founding partner of the Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN) led by rocket manufacturer Gilmour Space Technologies and supported through a federal government Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) Collaboration stream.

That funding will be used to rapidly adapt, integrate, launch and verify the performance of the Newmann Drive on board one of Spire’s satellite platforms.

The Drive uses solid metallic propellant.

Astier said: “Mobility is integral to the success of the new space economy, and this underpins our mission with Spire to deliver a better, more advanced propulsion solution.

“We are excited about the opportunity the ASMN project has provided us to work together with Spire to further the development of this sovereign space technology and to tailor our technology to their needs.”

Neumann Space saw the launch of its second propulsion system into orbit last week.

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Picture: Neumann Space

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