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NeuRizer identifies two China sites for coal to hydrogen production

Manufacturing News

Insitu coal gasification developer NeuRizer and its Chinese partner Meijin Energy Investment have identified two sites in China and Mongolia for the production of hydrogen from underground coal.

The companies believe the sites are suitable for the utilisation of NeuRizer’s underground coal gasification technology proven at the former Leigh Creek coal fields in South Australia.

NeuRizer plans a urea fertiliser plant at Leigh Creek.

NeuRizer said the hydrogen projects in China would follow a similar defvelopment pathway to Leigh Creek, enabling a quick transition to full commercial production.

The approvals process has begun for the China projects and once documentation is completed works on the ground will begin with 3D seismic and drilling operations.

NeuRizer told investors: “Should the results of the drilling and seismic be successful, the NeuRizer Urea project Stage 1 design will be duplicated and utilised on the China fields.”

Meijin, which is NeuRizer’s largest shareholder, operates a number of hydrogen refueling stations in China where trucks can be refueled in as little as five minutes.

Meijin has also manufactured more than 1,000 hydrogen buses which have a range of 400 kilometres when fully loaded.

“The hydrogen uptage requires an exponential increase in hydrogen production in China and this is where the NeuRizer/Meijin joint ventre is commercially viable and so attractive.”

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