New Defence Technologies Academy for Lot Fourteen


The federal and South Australian governments are to invest $60 million towards building an Australian Defence Technologies Academy to be developed at Lot Fourteen innovation precinct in Adelaide.

To open in 2026, the academy will drive sovereign research and development of defence capabilities, according to a statement.

The state-of-the-art facility will provide digital training, education and research capabilities critical to the defence industry, while aligning with other sectors including space and cyber.

The Academy will be operated by the new Adelaide University, which is the soon-to-be-amalgamated University of Adelaide and University of South Australia.

The Minister for Defence Industry, Pat Conroy said: “The Albanese Government is investing in sovereign defence research and development, and no better a place to do that at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide.

“As a leading innovation district dedicated to solving complex global challenges, Lot Fourteen will join the growing cohort of sovereign research which is contributing to advanced Australian defence technology and capabilities.”

The Academy aims to strengthen South Australia’s skills and talent pool while positioning the new Adelaide University as a significant institution for defence and national security.

Funded through the Adelaide City Deal, each government is providing $30 million towards this project.

Professor Peter Høj and Professor David Lloyd, co-Vice-Chancellors of Adelaide University welcomed the Academy that would cement the new university as a national leader for defence and national security research and education.

They said: “The Advanced Defence Technologies Training Academy will be unique in Australia.

“It will offer new fit-for-purpose premises which universities do not currently have access to, including sophisticated secure zones.”

Picture: Lot Fourteen

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