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New Industry Fellowships program launched

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The Industry Fellowships program, which will support as many as 83 Industry Fellows a year and was a part of the previous federal government’s University Research Commercialisation Action Plan, has been launched. 

According to a statement from the Australian Research Council on Wednesday, the four-year program “will support researchers moving between industry and academic research settings.”

“The program will support industry-based researchers to partner with a university and university-based researchers to partner with a key industry partner – a company, government entity, or charity,” said ARC CEO Judi Zielke.

“These new schemes are an exciting opportunity for Australian-based researchers from within industry, and from universities, to work with industry on industry-defined challenges. 

“The schemes will support researchers who are translating and transferring research skills and knowledge into real world applications with commercial and other benefits.

The program would also support senior researchers who are supervising emerging researchers in an industry setting, the ARC said.

Guidelines for the Early Career Industry Fellowship scheme, Mid-Career Industry Fellowship scheme, and Industry Laureate Fellowship scheme can be seen at this link.

The program was part of the University Research Commercialisation (URC) Action Plan announced by former prime minister Scott Morrison at the National Press Club on February 1.

The set of policies aimed at lifting the commercial returns from research also included a set of Trailblazer commercialisation hubs (announced over the May election campaign) and a $1.6 billion Australia’s Economic Accelerator program, providing stage-gated funding to pull ideas with commercial potential out of universities.

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