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New Industry-Integrated Master of Engineering Program begins at La Trobe

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A cohort of 30 students, predominantly overseas qualified engineers, commenced a new  Industry-Integrated Master of Engineering Program at La Trobe University this month, designed to upskill engineers for the Australian job market.

According to a statement from the university, many skilled and highly-experienced migrants struggle to find work due to a “a lack of familiarity with Australia’s engineering workforce culture”

Professor Hossam Aboel Naga, Head of La Trobe’s Department of Engineering, said “Despite a high demand for engineers in Australia, many skilled migrant engineers find themselves without employment. 

“In fact, only 50 per cent of skilled migrant engineers in Australia are employed in engineering roles.

“In response, we have developed a course in collaboration with leading engineering companies in Australia, including Siemens, John Holland and Fulton Hogan, and endorsed by Engineers Australia to help bridge this gap.”

The one-year course is described as blending academic learning with practical industry experience, and participants must undertake 800 hours of work placement, gaining practical experience and contributing to genuine engineering projects.

Expressions of interest in the course can be made here.

Picture: credit vicwag/pixabay (released under Creative Commons Zero)

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