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New Insights from Old Factories – how DMTC helps companies digitise

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Not for profit industry development group DMTC Ltd is pioneering an innovative programme that brings together half a dozen like minded defence manufacturers to implement ‘smart enough’ Industry 4.0 technologies to begin their digitisation journey.

DMTC’s industry capability development programme leader Charlotte Morris said DMTC provides the SMEs with hardware and open source software to begin to measure such things as machine utilisation and the tracking of jobs through the production process.

She said: “Smaller companies tend to see barriers to Industry 4.0 implementation such as the perceived cost, that they don’t have enough technical know-how in house, and they are unsure of the likely ROI.

“In fact we believe in the art of the possible – things do not have to be overly complicated – often smart enough is good enough to see real value.”

@AuManufacturing and software solutions provider Fusion5 will present our latest webinar webinar – New Insights from Old Factories – on Wednesday, 6th December at 10.00 (AEST) with manufacturing leaders discussing ways to seamlessly and affordably integrate your factory.

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The webinar features Adam Amos, Director, Robotic Systems, Charlotte Morris, Program Leader, Industry Capability Development for DMTC Ltd and Tom Veitch, Industry Director, Fusion5 – moderated by editor Peter Roberts.

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This webinar is brought to you with the support of Fusion5.

Picture: DMTC Ltd

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