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New Insights from Old Factories – webinar launch

Manufacturing News

The media talks less about the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) nowadays but the power of the technology remains despite it not being the ‘new hot thing’ in manufacturing.

Combined with ERP manufacturing management software, IoT devices offer a simple way to derive real-time insights from existing machinery and processes – modernising and automating in easy steps rather than complex and expensive leaps.

@AuManufacturing and business software solutions provider Fusion5 will present the webinar – New Insights from Old Factories – on Wednesday, 6th December at 10.00 (AEST) with manufacturing CEOs discussing ways to seamlessly and affordably integrate your factory.

For more information and to register for the webinar New Insights into Old Factories go here.

The webinar features Adam Amos, Director, Robotic Systems, Charlotte Morris, Program Leader, Industry Capability Development for DMTC Ltd and Tom Veitch, Industry Director, Fusion5 – moderated by editor Peter Roberts.

This webinar is brought to you with the support of Fusion5.

Fusion5 is a leading Australasian business solutions partner with expertise spanning Enterprise Resource Planning, HR/Payroll, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Enablement, Enterprise Service Management, Corporate Performance Management, and IT Infrastructure.

Working with global technology leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Workday, Fusion5 partners to help increase operational efficiency, create people-centric cultures, strengthen customer relationships, and plan better for the future.

By modernising and optimising the tools, systems, and processes your company uses, Fusion5 can help you thrive.

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